Why am I not losing weight?

December 23, 2022by Tess Pitzer0
It can be very frustrating and sometimes depressing when one is not able to lose weight, especially when it’s regained as quickly as it was lost. The first thing Fabien’s clients who are looking to lose weight ask him is what his method is. He does not tend to only stick to “one method”, because each client is different. You might ask, why am I not losing weight? Well, the difference between a 50 year old man and a 35 year old woman is quite significant.
The first thing Fabien does is gets to know his clients. This helps him discover his or her habits, sleep, stress, and desires for change. Based on this, he will determine a caloric deficit in parallel with rebalancing the macro-nutrients. He will quickly try to figure out what his client feels in order to readjust his strategy. He believes that success is achieved by making small changes little by little. A good tip is to eat in a different order. First, you would eat the raw vegetables. Second would come the protein, third the fats, and finally drinking lots of water and finishing off with the carbohydrates. Keep reading for more info on how to discover the best trainer near you.

How to find the best trainer near me?

Finding the best trainer can be quite difficult. After all, there are so many out there! We recommend narrowing it down to what you are looking for and the goals you would like to reach. Having a personal trainer that has many years of experience and knowledge is always going to be the best option. Here at La Jolla Personal Training, you can count on Fabien Uteau to provide you with top training and expertise. He can come to your home, gym, or even train you outdoors! Taking a trip and still want to do training online via zoom? Don’t worry, he has it all! It’s wonderful having a trainer that is flexible, and can mold to any type of environment that you are most comfortable in. Fabien has been doing this for years, and his experience is priceless!
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Give the one you love the best trainer in San Diego

Are you looking to give someone a productive gift for health this holiday season? If you choose Fabien Uteau, the best trainer in San Diego, you won’t regret it! In only a few sessions he will know how to take care of and meet your expectations. Our services are the highest of quality and we have met the expectations of hundreds of clients. If you’re wondering: “why am I not losing weight”?, this could be a number of reasons. Something that a personal trainer can most definitely help you with! Don’t hesitate! Fill out this form and we will contact you to provide you with your gift.
The New Year is right around the corner. What will your 2023 resolution be?! See you next year. Happy holidays!

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