Is it worth hiring a personal trainer?

November 21, 2022by Tess Pitzer0

Fabien Uteau has been working one-on-one with his clients for two decades. After having also been a teacher of group classes in many clubs, he is interested in sharing his opinion on the this exact question: is it worth hiring a personal trainer? Keep reading to find the answer!

Reasons to hire a personal trainer

The main advantage of having your own trainer is that he or she will know you better than anyone else (except your spouse of course).
Your personal trainer has the ability to design a custom program specifically made to make you progress. Do you have this type of service with your strength training class? Generally, this class is a complete training for everyone without necessarily focusing on your areas to work. So hiring a personal trainer is great because all the focus is on you, and the program is catered to you.
Another advantage is that you are more consistent! Consistency is the secret of change and how you will see future results. When you have an appointment at 6:00 am with your trainer, he will be there at your door every time. Although the cost is certainly higher at the beginning, it is also an investment towards an almost guaranteed success. Fabien often tells his clients that maybe you can eat at one less restaurant in the week to be able to afford a quality workout.
The secret of gyms is that you will end up subscribing to a membership that is indeed cheaper, but that just guarantees a monthly payment out of your pocket. In most cases, people don’t even use their gym membership. It is a basic economic model to earn money for a gym. In our opinion, an investment to get results must be made with a real professional who will listen to you and accompany you towards the goals you have set.
La Jolla Personal Trainer

Fabien Uteau, La Jolla fitness / Personal Trainer

Like we mentioned before, Fabien has been working one on one with clients for two decades! If you are looking for one of the best trainers in San Diego, he’s definitely worth trying out! Here at La Jolla Personal Training, we have your best interest at heart. Our goal is to help you reach your goals, and be more than just satisfied with our service. Fabien builds a relationship with his clients, and helps them on the long journey of health and wellness. Whether you are looking for an in home personal trainer, or a trainer that can meet you outdoors, Fabien is happy to provide training in any type of setting or circumstance. He absolutely loves the outdoors, and utilizing different areas around La Jolla, San Diego for your workouts.
La Jolla Personal Trainer

From desk to 5K

This month we are offering you Fabien’s special program, a running plan for beginners: From desk to 5k. Click here to access!

Don’t waste any time on your 2023 New Years resolutions. It’s important to make a good decision for a goal or commitment that is important to you. The right support is essential in success whether it’s weight loss, muscle strengthening, or muscle recovery.
Now, what do you think? Is it worth hiring a personal trainer? I guess there’s only one way to find out! Book a session today, and decide if personal training is the right fit for you.

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