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March 28, 2023by Tess Pitzer0

There are all kinds of great La Jolla Personal Trainers with each of their own qualities and specialties. The best personal trainers in San Diego have been in charge of keeping San Diegans healthy for decades. Despite the turn over of trainers, there is always someone who will be able to take care of a person who has needs whether it be weight loss, muscle tone, back problems, stress management, postural reconstruction, running faster, running longer, hitting a tennis ball harder, etc. The best personal trainers in San Diego could be (in my opinion) a trademark, because the mix of gender and origin of our trainers is very different from other cities in the USA. San Diego is already a very unique city with its climate and proximity to beaches, mountains and desert. Not to mention its Mexican influence among many others. With all of these extraordinary trainers that San Diego is blessed with, why is La Jolla Personal Training different?

La Jolla Personal Trainings approach

After the difficult period of the Covid-19 situation, we had to find solutions to continue to take care of our clients. People found themselves in the situation of working and living in the same place for a long time. The increase of people lacking in physical activities dramatically increased, in addition to the psychological burden of this very complicated situation. La Jolla Personal Training then created the concept of 360 degree training.


What is 360 degree training?

360° training is an intelligent system that allows a client to have a permanent follow-up by their personal trainer. Your Personal Trainer will monitor your energy, expenditure, diet, sleep, physical activity, and stress levels. This allows for real-time adaptation of behavioral changes that will help the client maintain the regularity necessary to obtain long-term results. For example, a study was done where a group of people of all ages were asked to change a habit. It took them an average of 66 days to change this habit. How do you want to change all the bad habits you have acquired in a lifetime in 2 months? La Jolla Personal Training will guide you through the 360° training and motivate you to be patient, and forgiving. Above all, we will help you to not get frustrated.

360 degree training system explain how to manage diet sleep stress and training by a personal trainer


La Jolla Personal Training will train you outdoors

While most personal trainers only train in gyms, Fabien Uteau of La Jolla Personal Training likes to focus on the outdoors. There’s no better place to begin your exercise journey than a beautiful outdoor environment, with fresh air and sunshine. For those who work indoors 5 days per week, this is especially nice to get them outside. We find that this will make all the difference in your energy and mood levels. If you prefer to train in a gym, that is okay too! We offer a wide diversity of options in order to cater to every individual.


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