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February 18, 2023by Tess Pitzer0
San Diego is the ideal place to get in shape for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the climate is considered the best in North America! There’s very little rain, it’s not cold, and the air is dry with little pollution. Maybe that’s why the best personal trainers in San Diego don’t want to work anywhere else! Secondly, there are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed all year round. The best personal trainers in San Diego recommend that you go for fun and inexpensive activities such as surfing, biking, roller blading, running, skate boarding, and more! The advantage to this is that you will always find a community near you that can assist or even integrate you. Keep reading to learn how to get back in shape in San Diego. 
Most of the best trainers in San Diego like to train their clients in the best conditions that can be found indoors and outdoors. Parks like Kate’s Session in Pacific Beach are popular with trainers because of their unique settings: climbing hills for split training, benches, treats to hair TRX training systems, and large areas with shade from the trees for exercise.
Here’s a good tip for getting back in shape: don’t over do it. Make sure to do something that will be fun without hurting yourself. Remember, that you ned to be as consistent as possible in order to burn calories, tone muscle, gain flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance.
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Training with your pet in San Diego

Having a pet is a great way to get some exercise in and get back in shape! Dog’s must go out for walks or runs, so they get their owners out too! If you don’t have a pet, and are thinking of getting one, maybe now is the right time if you are trying to add more activity into your daily lifestyle in San Diego.
Taking your dog on a walk twice per day, will allow you to get your steps in without even realizing it. This is a great way to be more active on a daily basis. Eventually you can run with your dog, if the both of you are able to do so. Another fun way to exercise with your pet is going on hiking trails, or trail running. This allows you and your pet to get out in the fresh outdoors, and will ultimately make you both happier.
Here are some locations in San Diego where you can take your pet out for exercise:

Click here for a list of La Jolla running routes that may inspire you to find some new areas to get out with your dog.

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Finding the best personal trainers in San Diego

The reason a personal trainer is very helpful for getting back into shape, is because they will hold you accountable. Your trainer will make sure that you show up, and they will push you to reach your goals and see improvement over time. Don’t be afraid to take that next step in finding a personal trainer near you. Here at La Jolla Personal Training, Fabien is all about finding creative ways to exercise outdoors. The best part about exercising outdoors is you have fresh air and all the space you can imagine for doing your workouts. Fabien wants you to feel your best in the most comfortable surrounding.

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