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June 1, 2022by Tess Pitzer0
Have you ever heard of fitness training courses via Zoom? In case you haven’t, this consists of doing a remote workout guided by your personal trainer! Are you going on a trip soon and worried about skipping out on your training? If you are an avid traveler, have very busy days and want to continue to progress, this might be the perfect fit for you! La Jolla Personal Training Trainer Fabien Uteau offers personal training zoom courses, so that you can take your trainer wherever you go! Keep reading to learn more about our virtual fitness classes with La Jolla Personal Training!
Fabien is often contacted by companies specializing in the promotion of Personal Trainers through courses via Zoom. After being skeptical for a long time, he needed to review his copy. The first reason is that he offers zoom training and I has had more and more demand for this from his own clients who train at La Jolla or UTC or travel and work far from home. He recently trained a family who went on vacation for two months to Costa Rica!
Virtual training classes

Reasons to do zoom fitness training

1. Flexibility of training location. Train from anywhere in the world!
2. Maintain contact with your Personal Trainer and continue to progress
3. Ability to travel
4. Adaptability of training schedule
Virtual classes are just as effective as training in person! It is important that your Personal Trainer has a perfect view of the client in order to correct him or her in the execution of the movements. If you are able to attend a couple of in-person trainings before going remote, it will benefit both yourself and your trainer. However, it is not required.
We recommend doing the Zoom classes on a computer or tablet screen rather than on a small phone.

Personal Trainer San Diego

San Diego is a city where exercising year-round is a pleasure. The climate is not too hot nor too cold…and definitely not too rainy! You can workout all the time in this paradise! Many Personal Trainers in San Diego do lots training in different gyms.
What sets Fabien apart from these trainers is that he prefers to train his clients outdoors. Many of his clients work in closed offices in front of a screen. Allowing them to break out of this routine and adding adapted workouts with the training systems that he has developed after 25 years in the personal training business is a real plus to their day. Plus..his French accent is more exotic than the majority of trainers in San Diego!
Check out this article where we discuss the benefits of outdoor training!
Fabien has a holistic approach that allows him to tailor workouts to fit the San Diego beach lifestyle. Having surfed for over 20 years, he understands the needs of people who are new to San Diego and want to surf the waves of La Jolla or Pacific Beach. The training sessions will occasionally take place on the beach like the ones he’s done on the Gold Coast of Australia or the Saline les Bains in Reunion Island.
Virtual training classes
If you are always away from home and trying to figure out how to incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle into your routine, contact us today! We will get you set up doing virtual fitness classes with La Jolla Personal Training in no time!

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