Benefits of Outdoor Training in Parks

November 16, 2021by Tess Pitzer0

Getting outdoors is a very important part of life. Everyone needs some sunshine and fresh air. Some people prefer training or exercising in a gym because of the access to the equipment. While others lack the motivation to workout, outside of a gym. There are endless benefits of outdoor training in parks. Continue reading to learn more.

Pros of training in a park

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Being outdoors, getting fresh air in your lungs, and enjoying a view is a great reason to get yourself moving in a local park. This is especially true in the beautiful La Jolla, California. Fresh air and natural outdoor light provide energy for the body and mind. The sun provides vitamin D, which is essential for our bodies. You may even manage to get a little tan while you’re at it! Sunlight helps generate energy in the muscles and oxidation of the tissues. 

It’s Free!

Exercising and training outdoors is completely free! Almost all areas such as public basketball courts, tennis courts, stairs, tracks, benches, etc are free to use. You can get fit, while saving money! 

Safety Reasons

Training in a park can be safer than going to a gym. Due to COVID-19, there are many restrictions when it comes to being indoors. This includes going to the gym. The gyms get crowded, and you need to worry about cleaning off your equipment for the next person, potential infection in the air, and keeping at least 6 feet apart. Well, if you are training in a nearby park, you don’t need to worry about these things! Not to mention, you also have all of the space to spread out, despite how many people may be around. It’s more comfortable training outdoors, without having to worry about wearing a mask. This way you can breathe! 

Breaking your routine

Do you ever get bored of going to the same place, and doing the same workouts? Are you craving a different scenery? Well, sometimes just heading to your park, getting creative with your workouts, or having your personal trainer take the classes outdoors, will make things more exciting! It’s also great for your body to cross train, and try many different types of movements rather than always sticking to the same thing. Check out our list down below for some great spots for outdoor training in La Jolla. 

Natural workout tools 

There are many ways that you can utilize the outdoors in order to get a really good workout in. Please make sure to proceed with caution, and only do the following exercises if you are experienced, or under the guidance of a personal trainer. 

Here are a few tricks and tips for outdoor exercise : 

  • Benches- Single leg split squats, pushups, bench jumps, mountain climbers, tricep dips, burpee bench jump, and glute bridges are some good exercises. 
  • Hills- Hill training is no joke! You need stamina, strength, and willpower to push through these! Hill training and running can be a great total body workout. Different types of sprints or running are good workouts for hills. You can also use them to do uphill lunges, or stretches for your calves.
  • TRX-Total body resistance training can be done right in a park! All you need is to find a tree with some branches that you can safely reach. Check out this video on how to set up a TRX in a tree. 
  • Stairs- Your body will feel very good after a stair workout. Although you will probably hate them during the workout. Stairs are a great way to get cardio in, while working your legs, glutes, and even abdominal muscles. 


Functional Tools for Outdoor and Park workouts 

Here are some of the tools that Personal Trainer Fabien Uteau likes to incorporate into the workouts : 

Combat Ropes or battle ropes, are a very useful exercise tool. They help people lose weight, gain muscle mass, and tone muscles. Not only this, but it also trains your endurance. These tools are great for functional training, and something that we are able to bring to the park, or any outdoor workout. 

TRX or total body resistance exercises- can also be taken outdoors. This is a revolutionary method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance. It helps build strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, core, and joint stability. The TRX can be used to achieve mostly any fitness goal. 

Hydrocore bag- A hydrocore bag is a tool that can be transported everywhere. Once you have arrived at your destination, you fill the bag with water. With the power of water dynamics, this tool will help to build strength and stability. 

Great locations and parks for outdoor training in La Jolla, California

La Jolla Recreation Center- This beautiful recreation center offers a variety of activities. There are basketball courts, an area for children to play, handball, shuffleboard, and tennis courts. La Jolla Recreation Center also offers a variety of classes such as Tae Chun Do, Gymnastics, Yoga, Tai Chi, and adult fitness. There is a weight room open to anyone 18 and older for a small fee. 

Kate Session Park- This 79 acre park borders Pacific Beach and La Jolla. It offers beautiful hillside views, sports fields, and playgrounds. There is a long trail here that is frequently used for walking, running, or hiking. If you are looking for somewhere to do an outdoor workout while your child plays, this is a great spot! It’s also perfect for anyone seeking a nice view while enjoying their exercise.

La Jolla Hermosa Park- This park has a great view of the ocean. You can utilize the benches for your training! 

La Jolla Shores Beach- Who doesn’t love a good beach workout?! La Jolla Shores beach is a beautiful, long and wide beach. Great for walking, running, yoga, or beach workouts. Have your personal trainer meet you here, and drill you through some exercises. 

Strenuous stairs of Blacks Beach- These stairs are a great workout! At approximately 1,000 steps and 20.5 meters long, you will be feeling out of breath on the first round. Anyone looking to push themselves hard should try these stairs! 

La Jolla Personal Training

Fabien Uteau is a personal trainer and owner of La Jolla Personal Training. He has spent his entire life training and studying the body in order to create his own unique method that makes you capable of reaching your goals. Despite how busy your daily lives are, there is always some time to sacrifice toward fitness and health. Fabien offers online classes, gym training, home training, or outdoors! Contact us today to learn more, or sign up for a session! 

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