I have spent my life providing personal training and understanding that your daily behavior is the most important factor to change your body and mind.

After graduating in Physical Education I have spent most of my coaching career teaching group and personal training with a wide spectrum ranging from athletes to homemakers.

I have developed a unique method that allows you to safely reach your goals. It consists of 3 steps: reset – reach – maintain.

I adapt my services to support and reach my clients’ goals. No matter how chaotic your work lives and slim schedules are, I can transform your body through an online session, at your house, or in a private gym.


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I was struggling to lose some weights for years even though I have been member of 24 hours. Then a friend of mine introduced me Fabien. He has changed my life by giving all the support that I needed to reach my goal. I have lost weight and I feel much more confident in myself. I strongly recommend Fabien to all my friends who are looking for a personal trainer.
Oliver A. (Real Estate Agent)

Fabien is a great personal trainer he has been my motivation! He always encourage me to workout. He stays on me every time I try to cut my reps or workout short no matter how much I whine ! He does that with a smile and an upbeat attitude. His enthusiasm and positive energy helped me stay committed to workout for the first time in such a long time
Serine K. (Homemaker)

Always positive, Fabien knows how to motivate in all circumstances!
Ten years ago he gave me a taste for jogging which I continue to practice today.
His anatomical and dietetic knowledge is an additional asset for global care.
He knows how to adapt to each person to accompany him in his objectives in a good mood!
Amandine R. (Osteopath)

As a former athlete with a good amount of injuries who ended up -through my 30s and 40s- full-time at a desk & overly focused on my business, I ended up up with a daily hurt and a loss of self-care. Discovering & Hiring Fabien has been a god sent… his high skills + strong knowledge of the body’s structure and mechanicals have provided a winning combination of physical therapy and training that has allowed me to witness see rapid measurable results in fitness and flexibility without further injuries. I am highly recommending him. A life changer.
Ludo B. (CEO)

An all-around great trainer, Fabien is attentive, encouraging, and uplifting. He is so helpful in explaining how to target certain areas and knows how to customize the workout for your body and challenges you to do the best you can but in the nicest possible way. Fabien will develop a personalized workout for you based on your fitness goals, and he will stay focused each and every session you have. Get in for a workout and I promise you’ll be hooked!
Isabella G. (Senior Accountant)

I highly recommend Fabien as training coach. He is extremely competent in customizing his training to your goals. His approach mixes very well the mind and body wellness and strength. Strong recommendation whether this is for your personal training or group training to boost your team achieve extraordinary goals.
Marc P. (V.P. Wireless Company)

Best trainer ever… Fabien has changed my entire mind about what I eat, making the process so incredibly simple and explaining it in a simple way. I love the way that he approached our training together. He understands the body very well, but quickly understood things about my lifestyle, way of thinking, body type and what we could do in terms of physical training and food management to make changes. He seriously made the process simple. I am not killing myself to eat right, or exercise but I am seeing very rapid results, and an entire change in my health. I can not say enough about how well this is going, and I would want anyone who is considering help in improving their health to contact him and consider working with him. He is doing everything right. Thank you Fabien!
Kerri B. (Customer Care Specialist)

The Best Ever

After spending a lifetime being involved in health and fitness, going to gyms, and exercising with various teachers and personal training, I have finally been lucky enough to find the trainer that I wish I had had so very many years ago. Fabien’s unique method makes me realize that the exercises promoted by all the others I have known are sloppy and ineffective. He is so precise and exact in how he has me position myself and move correctly that I am always amazed at how I am gaining so much strength and energy with such simple but exact effort, even at this late age! It is a real workout with real results. Fabien is truly a fitness treasure!
Marsha P. (Retired Scientist)

Being an executive in the corporate world is no easy job and puts a lot of stress on your mind and body. After decades of that regimen, I decided to refocus on my wellbeing and invest in myself with the help of a personal trainer. I have now been training 3 times a week for 3 months with Fabien and this is one of the best decisions I made this year. Fabien is a real pro at his craft but he also is quite compassionate. We all have weak points like a bad shoulder or a bad knee. As a coach, he took me where I was and helped me progress safely, session after session, and checking on me the next day. Now I have way more strength, agility, endurance and I am looking forward to each session as it feels they go by in a heartbeat. Having Fabien as a coach is the best gift you can give to yourself!
Catherine M. (Executive Coach)

I want to write this review so that potential clients know what a great trainer Fabien is! I believe he is the essential ingredient if you want to tone up, learn a healthier lifestyle or gain muscles. Fabien designs a personalized program to fit your needs and goals. You can really feel his experience and deep knowledge of fitness.
He has a very positive and motivational approach to helping you to reach your goals. He shares great nutritional guidelines and tips. Always on time, Fabien brings the gym to your place so no excuse to skip a session!
Ben R. (Financial Senior Manager)

Fabien is a dedicated personal training coach. He is constantly customizing and adapting the workout to my needs. After a busy workday, it brings me back energy. My energy level and fitness have increased during regular bike rides.
Jeff V. (Technology Senior Director)

I have been working with Fabien for a couple months now and can say I have never felt better. Fabien is great with personal training, he keeps you engaged in testing ones self in a positive matter. Support is felt through out each session while also maintaining a general air of motivation. I would immediately recommend his skills to anyone looking to get into shape with a one on one personal experience.
Cody K. (Accountant)

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