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August 19, 2022by Tess Pitzer0
Stretching is very important it keeps your muscles flexible, strong and healthy. We need flexibility so that we can maintain motion in our joints. If you don’t stretch, muscles become tight and short. Stretching is a recent research topic and the data is accumulating very quickly. First of all, what is flexibility? It is a physical quality like any other and therefore has the same characteristics of specificity, training, loss if not trained, and programming.
La Jolla Personal Training can help you stretch. See our methods below that can be used to develop or maintain flexibility.

La Jolla Personal Training

Here at La Jolla Personal Training, trainer Fabien Uteau can help you stretch and become more flexible. Fabien has spent his life providing personal training and understanding that your daily behavior is the most important factor in changing your body and mind. Just as exercise and training is important, stretching is equally as important. Feel free to contact us for questions, or book a couple of sessions to see if this is something you would like to do long term. Form and maintain your flexibility with the methods listed below.
  • Constant angle method-The trainer starts from a neutral position “0” to reach the angle where the trainee feels a bearable tension without being painful. Once this angle is reached, the coach maintains the position and then releases it to return to the “0” position. Repeat 3 times at the angle found on the first repetition.
  • Constant moment method-The trainer looks for the angle “1” where his client feels a bearable tension without it being painful. He repeats the operation trying to put enough tension back into the muscles to obtain the same as the one felt in the first position. This will result in an increase of the joint angle but maintaining the rotation force (moment).
  • PNF: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

This refers to the involvement of reflex nerve circuits that are thought to affect the level of muscle relaxation.

1. Contracted release- The trainer leads the client to contact the target muscle before it is stretched to the threshold of tolerable pain.
2. Contraction of the antagonist- the coach asks his client to contract the muscle opposite to the one that will be stretched next.
3. Contract-relax-antagonist-contract- mix of the two previous methods.
Stretching & Flexibility
Stretching & Flexibility


1. Method of dynamic movement-The goal is to make slow movements and large amplitude. This method is often used in the warm-up because it mimics the movements that will be encountered during the session.
2. Ballistic method-Here you will perform the previous method but with smaller working angles.
3. Bouncing method-Similar to the ballistic method but it focuses on the end of the amplitude of the movement with small oscillatory movements.
Stretching & Flexibility

Outdoor spots in La Jolla San Diego that are good for stretching

Kate session Park is a great place to do a good stretching session. You will find shady and quiet areas with an incredible view of San Diego!
Cuvier Park is nestled in La Jolla Cove, and has a large grassy area over looking the beach and ocean. This is a great place for an outdoor stretch or some yoga!
Ellen Browning Scripps Park is another lovely place for a stretch. Located right on the ocean, you might even be able to find some trees to stretch in the shade.
Let’s start to place as much importance on stretching as we do with working out. This will allow your body to reach its full potential with exercises, optimize your results, and allow you to feel good and recover quicker.
See you soon in a session!

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