How to coach different is good

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How to coach different is good?

La Jolla Personal Training Home is here to help you achieve your goals. Goals can range from a skater who wants to jump higher and farther and not fall, to a lady recovering from a fall. So how to coach different is good?

Our work methods are based on listening, empathy and honesty and we are able to design a unique program. Also these programs are often different from what we can find on social networks. We use methods that are known and proven by the latest health and fitness studies. We also have more than 25 years of experience in the field. All this helps us to make our clients happy and healthy.

Example of a case study:

Now we would like to share this case of a client who has been working with us for 6 months.

Mr. A. was referred to us by his wife. Indeed, he had gained weight during the Covid period. He has an office job where he spends 10 hours a day. Also Mr. A is passionate about surfing and loves board sports. After a phone interview we proposed him a first free appointment. During this appointment we did our assessments. This allowed us to determine his movement limitations and also his general fitness level. In addition to being a little overweight, he had limitations of amplitude in his spine and hips. These were causing pain in the lumbar area.

Secondly we established a progressive program over 6 months. As we recommend, the weight should be lost slowly and gradually. Also, La Jolla Personal Training does not recommend dieting. Diets are for special cases such as athletes practicing body weight category activities. In addition, we are looking for a weight loss close to 5% of body weight at the end of the 6 months.

In third grade, we gave homework assignments. To do this we use the TrueCoach app The client can see videos and instructions associated with the program that has been specially built for him. In these assignments we teach the body to learn new movement habits. This means that we make it lose the bad habits it has learned over the years.

In the fourth grade, we determined a strategy for gaining muscle in a training with additive load. Mr. A has an affection for bars and weights. It’s easier to get a client to progress in something he likes to do.

Finally, we provided all the moral and emotional support so that he could last. This is probably the most important point in the coaching. We are not psychologists but we are educators and guides. All these steps are how to coach different is good for you.

Best trainer in San Diego is smiling while a mid age client is exercising with a rope


How to coach different can be effective!

Mr. A. is still working with us.

He still surfs and says he surfs better and has a lot of fun.

He lost 11 pounds in 6 months. This corresponds to our famous 5% weight loss.

Chart of weight. Curb is going down proving that time is key to a consistent and success weight loss goal.

You too can achieve your goals, the idea is to have a strategy that is tailored and unique to your needs. La Jolla Personal Training can help you with this. Contact us and we will offer you a free discovery and assessment class Get a free assessment.



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