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April 5, 2022by Tess Pitzer0
I am hired by my clients to solve different challenges that are not necessarily weight loss or muscle mass gain. It is not uncommon for some clients to seek a more holistic support on their journey. Wellness remains at the center of the journey and what I recommend is to maintain a strong core, quality joint mobility and working on flexibility, always. I have had some success with weight loss programs. My advice is often the same. Controlling your emotions is sometimes complicated, but having the bulwarks that I build over time helps to overcome the insurmountable urge to eat your pasta dish in the evening. Of course it is a joint project, my client must trust me and especially try to respect my recommendations. I have coached people who, despite my advice, could not stop eating just before a session with me. In this case the sessions are less effective. Failure is part of the process but it allows us to adapt and get closer to the best formula which is individual to each person. Book a session with Fabien Uteau today for personal training in La Jolla California!
Training and results

Benefits of investing in a Personal Trainer

One very significant benefit of working with a Personal Trainer is that the “project” or “plan” is custom to your body and fitness levels. The results you want and your lifestyle will also factor into the plan. Your trainer will constantly re-evaluate what works for you throughout the program. There is a strong attention to detail when working with a trainer. This is the best way to see long term results. Your trainer understands your body and as long as you are willing to work with him or her, you will begin to see life changing results!
Working with a trainer will hold you accountable. When you only need to show up for yourself, sometimes you don’t! You are less likely to miss a workout when you have one scheduled with a private trainer, and they will work on training you harder than you probably would on your own. Trainers will motivate you, and push you to finish that last rep. They are also there to mentally coach you and make sure you are receiving not only a workout, but coaching the mind to make it through the hard parts and reach your goals.
Maybe you are familiar with the gym and exercise, and the nutrition end of things is what you need help with. Working with a PT is incredibly helpful because they will analyze your diet, and the benefits can be amazing. Education and knowledge catered specifically toward your body is key!
Training and results

Will I see results if I hire a trainer?

This is all up to you! There is 100% potential to see results, but that depends on you! If one is able to stay motivated, attend the training each scheduled day, and follow the necessary nutritional and dietary changes involved, you will most definitely see results. A trainer can help you tremendously, but only up to a certain point. Then you need to be able to rely on yourself for the parts that a trainer won’t be able to help you with. Remember, anything is possible, and great things don’t happen overnight. Be patient and give yourself time with your journey. Try a session with Fabien Uteau here at La Jolla Personal Training to see if it’s a fit for you!
Training and results

How does training improve mental health?

Personal Trainers care very much about the well being of their clients. We are here to bring positivity and motivation into your life. I understand the difficulty of coming to your first session and the nerves involved. In your sessions I will push you to dig deeper, and find that motivation. Personal trainers are not therapists nor trained to provide professional psychiatric help. However, training will automatically improve anxiety, depression, and stress. Moving your body releases the endorphines that make you happy. On top of movement, being surrounded by a positive trainer that helps you set goals, will help you tremendously and I guarantee that you will be smiling all week long.

Get Ready for Summer!

It’s not too late to get your bikini body! If you live in La Jolla and love the summer as much as I do, then you are probably excited to get ready for those warm beach days! I’ve put together a 12-week program to help you enjoy the upcoming summer. My 3-phase program will help you lose weight while building a more toned body. Book a session with Fabien Uteau today to begin!
Exercise helps people who are struggling with their mental health. Whether you have a diagnosed condition that you are figuring out, or going through a high-stress time in your life and don’t know how to make it better. Personal trainers can help you improve your fitness and be active while having a positive impact on the client. Invest in personal training in La Jolla California and start seeing results on both your body and mind. It can be one of the most rewarding things in life. We are excited to work with you on this journey here at La Jolla Personal Training!

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